-With Jessa Jones and Mark Shaffer

This course is offered to teach people working in the general mobile device repair industry to extend their business to include in-house microsoldering and board repair.

The strength of our course is the equipment, the experience of the instructors, and the content. You will learn directly from pros that actively run successful board-level repair businesses. Every station is equipped with an identical replica of the exact same microscope and rework stations that we use every day as professional microsolderers in this industry.

  • Basic technical proficiency-- -charge ports and connectors
  • BGA repairs
  • Practical¬†troubleshooting to quickly identify problems and separate repairable from unrepairable devices
  • How to address common problems-- -torn pads, difficult joints
  • How to read and understand schematics
  • Overview of basic common circuits on MacBooks and iPhone/iPads
  • Component sourcing
  • Water damage ¬†and open-ended¬†troubleshooting from the schematics
  • Short detection
  • Complete professional iPhone/iPadmotherboard diagnosis and repair
  • iPhone data recovery
We customize each course to focus the content on the combined interests of each group.

- Jenny Mendez -
"I've done business with iPad Rehab in the past, sending them repairs I was unable to figure out. I finally took the course and it was the best investment I made this year. I was very excited to have the opportunity to get taught by Jessa and Mark. I've followed Jessa's story for years. I've shared her story with others including my employees who are also inspired by her. Thanks for coming up with this course! I highly recommend your services and training."
Why choose this course?
We really believe in teaching people how to do Practical Board Repair for Mobile Devices.  Here's why: 

Practical means profitable.Our focus is on practical board repair-- -efficiently spending your time making robust repairs on the most salvageable devices. We will be teaching the skills necessary to use your brain, diagnose and troubleshoot the majority of the signature problems you will see come in your doors.

Instructors who are industry experts. There is no substitute for instructors with extensive current experience doing the exact diagnosis and repair.  This school is intended to share quality information and best practices. There is no substitute for learning from instructors that work as you are working and seen thousands of destroyed boards from all over the world.  We can help you skip over all the mistakes and learn from our experience.

Practice using the best equipment. Reliable, well designed equipment is the key to becoming successful at board repair. It is far easier to learn on excellent equipment than on cheap overseas all-in- one stations.  There is a reason behind a $1800 per station price difference that is easy to appreciate during your hands on training.  When you develop your skills using "known good" equipment, you've eliminated that troublesome variable "Is it me, or is it the equipment"   Once you have the skills on 'the good stuff' you'll be able to better judge whether or not it is important to upgrade from your current equipment back at home.
Where is the course located?
In upstate NY in the beautiful small-town village of Honeoye Falls, NY.

How much is it?
Course tuition is $2100.   We do not offer group discounts.  We limit class size to be able to offer personal guidance.  If you have a group of 5 or more, feel free to contact us about setting up a personalized course for your group.

Is this course right for me? What incoming knowledge do I need?
This course is primarily for anyone with a strong background in general mobile device repair.  You will already be familiar with device disassembly/reassembly.   You may have already tried soldering, but this is not required.  You do not need to have any experience with schematics or board-level component replacement.   Students that do the best in this course have usually tried microsoldering, and have collected a few boards with problems that they bring to the course, although this is not required.

Can't I just take the course online?
No. There is already a ton of online content published on YouTube-- have at it!  This course is hands-on training where we watch you soldering on our equipment in real time and our hands touch your hands to guide you in real time to help you overcome obstacles and develop the art of troubleshooting and board repair in your own way.  You will stop us and interject your own questions in real time. We will watch you soldering and troubleshooting and pinpoint exactly what you need to do to become successful. There is no digital substitute for this personal guidance.

I still have questions about the course!
Give us a call. (585) 397-4174

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