Start a Repair Request, no obligation, and we will send you an estimate. You can then choose whether to send it in or not.

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We will reply within 24 hours with a formal estimate and shipping instructions. You take it from there.

Even if you have a verbal estimate- work requests need to be submitted for each job that is being sent in. This is how we identify, organize and track devices through the repair process.


- Deanna Gunderson -
Penfield, NY
"I had over 2 years worth of pictures and videos on my phone and I thought I lost it all. My LG 3 screen went completely blue one day while using it. I went to Sprint. I was told my phone would be replaced but they were unable to recover any data. They couldn't help me. I called LG they wouldn't help me. They said Data Recovery was not their job. My phone was never set up correctly to my Gmail account so Google couldn't help me. I called phone repair places EVERYWHERE. The only place that was able to help me was Ipad Rehab. I now have 2 years back of memories with my son and other large milestones in my life that i thought where gone forever. I learned from my mistake of not backing up my phone sooner. But I am so happy I didn't learn the hard way by losing them forever."
Broken Phone or iPad
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