The only path to data recovery is getting the phone to work again.

We bring phones back from the dead every day. There is no manual, no instruction book, for what we do.

We are the motherboard whisperers.

For iPhones and recent Samsung phones, your memories are encrypted and stored on the flash memory chip soldered to the logic board. The chip can’t simply be taken off and data extracted. The only way to access the data is to make the logic board work well enough to natively decrypt the chip.

Our approach is to perform open-ended troubleshooting and microsoldering to identify and correct faults on the logic board to bring the dead phone back to life enough to provide a path to your data.

Once the phone can boot, we extract the data and create a backup. Then we go one step farther and parse your backup for you so that we can deliver useful information---folders containing all your pictures and videos, your notes, contacts, and text messages. We deliver the parsed data and the backup to you via a custom usb drive.

For earlier Android phones, the data is not stored encrypted and we can do ‘chip-off’ data recovery and extract your data directly from the chip. After data recovery, you will receive your phone back. Depending on what was wrong with your phone, the phone itself may be functional. If we can’t get your data, then you don’t pay.
Start Repair Request: You will fill out a request here and tell us about the history of your phone and what happened to it. Provide as much detail as you can to help us in our detective work to find the problem and get your data back. We will reply with a formal estimate via email within 1 business day. Mail It In: Follow the mail in instructions provided in your estimate email and send your device to us. We will match your device to your request and let you know that we received your device. Wait For Results: When your phone is recovered you’ll get the “great news!” email from us with details on your recovery. We will send an invoice you can pay online, and then your phone and drive will be shipped home with a tracking number.

- Kimberly Crouch -
Simpsonville, Kentucky
"My son threw my phone in the pool and I was so upset as there were tons of videos I had not backed up. They included his first crawl, walk and other things the past two years. We sent my phone to a friend of a friend and he could not figure it out. He recommended sending it to iPad rehab. The only thing I wanted was videos and pictures, I was ok with phone being gone. So thankful we did as we just got the phone and flash drive back. Thank you all so much for giving me back all my memories. I cried tears of joy that I didn't loose all my baby boys pictures and videos. I truly appreciate everything you did. I will definitely recommend you to anyone that may have something happen to theirs."
We are the best in the world at iPhone logic board troubleshooting. We bring back memories for families and businesses every day. We know the sharp regret of looking at your dead phone and realizing that all your information is not backed up. We want to help you, and we will treat your phone like our own. We will strive to keep our prices at rates that families can afford as long as we can, and we will always be available by phone every step of the way.

Standard Data Recovery--Path to Data:
$300-$600 (See price list) with no data, no fee guarantee*
Average time in queue is 4 weeks.

Rush Data Recovery---Path to Data:
$100 non-refundable Rush fee
Plus standard recovery rate
Your phone will be looked at immediately

Data Extraction and Delivery:
Data extraction and parsing into useable folders with delivery on a USB drive:
This service includes a 64GB USB. Larger drives available for additional cost.
Data delivery by iCloud backup-by request.

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