Day One: Biology of the iPhone and Technical Proficiency We will start with technical proficiency and have several basic board connectors and charge ports for you to hone your skills on while you become familiar with the state of the art equipment, learn the mechanics of solder flow and how to "read" a circuit board.
Each day will include a mix of lecture content and practical experience building.

Day Two: Board components, their function and How to find faults with a multimeter. Example: The common iDevice backlight circuit. On day two we will move to basic electronics and becoming an efficient diagnostician. After going to multimeter school and learning the function of all your new friends on the circuit board we will put it all together to really understand a basic backlight circuit.
After lunch, you will apply what you learned to work from the schematic to identify all the components in a backlight circuit and figure out on your own the fault in a real life backlight problem.  Then you will fix it! 

Day Three: Water damage and Data Recovery-- -Short detection and solving no power boards. The class will work as a group to solve a fun water damage data recovery case on their own.  We will learn how to differentiate short circuits from open circuits and strategies for addressing water damaged and other no power boards.   We will cover removing iPhone shields, water damage cleaning, and open-ended troubleshooting.

Day Four: Microbga repairs-- -Solving charging and touch system problems. Day four is advanced schematics and everyone will successfully complete a microbga repair like tristar (U2) chip or touch ic job.  We will cover how to diagnose and solve charging and touch problems.

Day Five: Open ended troubleshooting and Special Problems. Day five will be open-ended troubleshooting. This is your time to get a consult on any board that you haven't fixed by Friday and apply your skills.  We will wrap up the course with a rundown of all the common iPhone/iPad "signature failures" so that you can leave the course as efficient diagnosticians able to focus your efforts on the most repairable boards out there.


- Austin Robinson -
Murfreesboro, TN
"Just got back home from taking the iPad Rehab board level repair class with Mark & Jessa. I drove 13 hours there & it was 110% worth it! I went in having zero knowledge of micro soldering. I am now coming home with a concrete foundation to begin perfecting board level repairs. Both Mark & Jessa are highly knowledgeable about the business & I definitely consider them professionals. They are also a breeze to work with. The class was fun, informative, hands-on, & not to mention stress free. Highly recommend to anyone wanting to further their electronics repair skills."
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