Yes. We Are Still Repairing iPhone 5 Pry Damage.

I get asked every day if we are still repairing what has become a classic defect:  No Power/Lock/Sleep Button + No Home Button Function after Battery Replacement in the iPhone 5.  

Yes.  We are still seeing quite a bit of pry damage as the leaves fall here in late 2014 in upstate New York.  We have repaired hundreds of pry damage phones both domestic and from International destinations all over the globe.  There have been two that I couldn't fix.  One--a young man who, in a genuine effort to be helpful, tweezered the dislodged components off his board to save them for the repair---and in so doing relieved the board of 5 out of 6 pads.   The other I called uncle on tonight---it was missing a pad and had a prior repair attempt using my nemesis: conductive ink.  That awful stuff made all the components swim around when trying to place the microjumper to repair the pad.  There were tiny conductive balls everywhere, what a mess.   

Other than that, we have fixed every one and are still going strong.  We love to share tips and tricks to help the DIY and mobile device repair community master basic soldering skills to help keep devices going longer.  But this repair, pry damage, is not the one to learn on! 

If you've finally gotten your iPhone 6/6+ then now is a great time to send that old 5 in for a pry damage repair so that you can sell it for some Christmas cash before the value decreases after the holidays.   For instructions to get your repair set up, just click over to the mail in instructions tab.  If you don't want to check out of the repair store, then just fill out your work request to indicate that you'd like a Paypal invoice when the repair is done.

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