Free Microsoldering Training From iPad Rehab

Are you losing repairs because you aren't offering microsoldering services in house?   

Are you tired of sending out your board repair jobs to others?

Isn't it time to set yourself apart from your competitors and learn to fix the signature board problems in house?   

There are over 36,000 Americans in need of logic board data recovery service annually.  There are millions of devices out there with repairable board level issues such as tristar, and audio ic problems. There has never been a better time to jump on the microsoldering train.   If you're not offering microsoldering services, someone nearby already is.

As the industry leader in microsoldering training, we are excited to share with you our 2019 holiday board repair training giveaway....

ONE LUCKY WINNER will be coming to our iconic PRACTICAL BOARD REPAIR SCHOOL for FREE this winter.   Sign up and details below.

Why Train With Us?

We love teaching.  We have been evolving Practical Board Repair School since 2015.  We have sold out every course with students traveling to Rochester, NY from all over the US and 24 different countries.   Our classic courses teach you not just HOW to microsolder, but also the WHY.  You'll learn to read schematics and use a multimeter to diagnose your own faults on live cases.  Feel free to bring a bunch of repairable logic boards to the course.  You may even end up making money while you're training. 

Check out our recent video from students describing their Microsoldering Training with Jessa Jones and Mark Shaffer at iPad Rehab Microsoldering.

What about an online course?  Check out our advice forum.

We believe there is no substitute for in-person training.  There is no substitute for training from teachers who are also practitioners.  There is no substitute for working on real cases with experienced technicians right next to you. 

Most beginner mistakes that kill repairable boards come from misdiagnosis and hot air angle inconsistencies that are difficult to correct without someone right next to you watching and guiding you in real time.
Learning to microsolder is an art--like painting or dancing.   It is really hard to watch a 2D video and then jump in on your own.  What ends up happening is you get into trouble with a board and then you feel lost.   Is it you or your equipment?  Is this even the way people are doing this job currently?   We know it can be hard to travel to our course.  If you're a beginner and want the best possible start, then it's a must.  If you are already proficient at microsoldering and just need help with diagnosis, then we do offer daily guidance on our subscriber forum.   Our PBRS students have said that they have learned more in one day at our microsoldering training course than in years of watching videos. Yes, you should plan to spend significant time back at home practicing your craft, and using the resources of our free insider alumni group and materials.  After having trained over 500 students to add microsoldering services to their businesses, we have proven that our in-person training is the strongest foundation you can build to ramp up to professional service as fast as possible. 

Courses Offered:

In 2020 we are extending our course offerings to meet the variety of needs our students have.  We will have both 5 day and 7 day add on options.  We have courses with an emphasis on data recovery, or signature problems such as tristar/touch ic/audio ic.  We have added a new MacBook extension!   Check out our training page to see which courses are currently being offered.  Sign up for the option that fits you best.

What can you expect? 

Our courses are unique because of our teaching style.  Both instructors bring years of personal practical microsoldering experience "from the trenches" as well as over 30 years of combined teaching experience.   We layer content with fun stories, engaging interactive demo and individual student projects.  You will use state of the art equipment that is a replica of our own stations.  Each station has it's own HD video camera for real-time monitoring of your progress.  We keep the 8 person group small enough to provide personal attention, but large enough to facilitate good questions and an interactive dynamic.  

Our courses are located at the iPad Rehab Microsoldering headquarters near Rochester, NY.   Each course meets daily for 8 hours and includes a catered lunch, snacks and drinks.  Students stay at nearby airbnb or inexpensive hotels (~$60/nt).  The fingerlakes are beautiful to visit any time of year, and Niagara falls is only 90 minutes away.   The closest airport is Rochester International Airport (ROC).   Boxes of project boards can be shipped in advance. 

Course week is a combination of a boot camp and a summer camp.  It is always a rockin' good time.

The Big Giveaway.

Rochester in the winter is cold and snowy.  To tempt you to make the trip during the winter season we are launching an unprecedented offer.   For any student that attends a course in December, January, or February you will be entered into a drawing that will take place in February 2020.  The lucky winner will receive a FULL 5-day TUITION REIMBURSEMENT worth $2100.   To take advantage of this offer, simply visit our sign up page and enroll in the 2019 December, 2020 January, or 2020 February course.  You will automatically be entered in the drawing.

How do I sign up?

Click here to see course details and decide which course and options are right for you.

Once you've decided, then  Sign Up Now

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