Apple Certification SVC-19: Practical Study Guide for Real Technicians


Practical Study Guide to Apple Certification for REAL Technicians.

Apple Service Fundamentals Certification:   Expect questions on ESD, Battery Safety, and Customer Service. 

Battery safety stuff:   You have to get all of these correct to pass
Pro Tip: If you don’t have time--just replace the word “battery” with “bomb about to detonate” for every question and you should be fine.  Except for swollen batteries. Apple thinks those are fine.

1.) Thou shalt not remove batteries from case assemblies like MacBooks like a Real technician.  Instead, replace the whole case.


2.) Real technicians will safely handle torn battery pull tabs by prying with sensible tools.  Apple certified technicians MUST REPLACE THE WHOLE PHONE if the battery pull tab is broken.


2.) Real technicians replace batteries in front of the customer on the front counter so they can see that the iPhone is not magic.   Apple store geniuses are not allowed. Battery work must not be done at genius bar, only in the back. Which is called...the genius room.

Battery policies that may not be common sense for Real technicians
1.) Hold batteries with two hands by the edges

2.) “Always replace a battery or battery case assembly THAT HAS BEEN DROPPED.  It seriously says that. Drop the battery--you need a new battery.

3.) Don’t walk around with loose batteries, treat them like bombs.  Keep protective cover on them. Protip--Apple cert is big on “protective covers”  Answer every question as if the battery cell will explode on contact with the light of day.

4.) Ship in original packaging.  (When you have John from USPS unknowingly transport these bombs back to the mothership).


5.) Your safety first.  Inspect battery from 1 ft away.


Workstation Rules:
1.) No paper  (within 2ft)

2.) Close to fire extinguisher and empty yellow fire cabinet (20ft)

3.) 8-10 cups of sand (within 2ft) Protip: They are big on sand.  Look for their sand phrasing. “8-10 cups, clean, dry, untreated sand in  wide-mouth, quick-pour, flip-top container within 2 ft of station, not above or below”

4.) Wear safety glasses


Personal Protection Rules:
1.) Nitrile gloves

2.) Heat resistant gloves

3.) Cleaning wipes and safety glasses

4.) Protip: Cut resistant gloves are NOT specific for BATTERY SAFETY but are part of general personal protection--for glass


Battery condition:


Dents and scratches:



Swollen batteries:
Wow! Apple says NOT a safety concern, just end of life condition.
What to do when bad things happen:
1.) If you smell juicy fruit--->real technicians carry on as normal and dispose of battery.  Apple cert techs need to get fresh air and go to the doctor.
2.) Torn up batteries can’t go in the mail back to Apple.

That’s it---good luck on this section!

Remember the Apple Service Fundamentals is a prereq exam for both the Apple Certified iOS Technician and Apple Certified Macintosh Technician.

Apple Service Fundamentals has three sections.  ESD, Battery, and Customer Service

Protips for ESD safety:

Always pick:
Any answer that sends static to ground and not the device.
Any answer that avoids polyester and synthetic fibers

Any answer that avoid foam/coffee cups.


Protips for Customer service:

Pick the least douchebag answer available.

Remember empathy is getting in the hole with someone, sympathy is standing above the hole looking down at them.
Apple wants to put your problem in a ‘service area’:
1.)Environmental--service goes out inside iPad Rehab building because it is a Faraday cage

2.) Software---restore it

3.) Hardware---trash it

4.) Education---you’re using it wrong, would you like me to condescend to you?


Want to see the real Atlas information from Apple?  Try this link:


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