How to Find iPhone Schematics: Setup ZXW in English

What is ZXW?
ZXW is the colorful software that you see in many iPad Rehab Microsoldering YouTube videos. It is used for troubleshooting iPhone, Samsung, and other mobile device logic board problems.  ZXW is a service hosted in China that provides a user interface for any available mobile device schematic that has "fallen off a truck" and found its way to the public internet.   It is totally possible to successfully microsolder without the use of ZXWtool, but like the name says--using ZXW makes things "Zillion x Work" faster.  It is considered an essential tool for iPhone logic board repair.

How Does it Work?
ZXW software is downloaded and installed on your local machine that is running Windows, (or virtual Windows environment) and requires an internet connection.  With a valid ZXW annual license, the software will connect to an International server and provide access to the latest boardviews (through ZXW) and schematics (through MicroFish).  All of the ZXW cracks, hacks, and piracy website are generally considered a spammy waste of time.  The annual ZXW license cost is $65-$100 and includes all automatic updates throughout the year as new devices are continuously supported.


  • Username/Password access:  NEW!  Access ZXW and MicroFish simply by logging in.  You can set up a ZXW user account with username and password.  Then you can purchase an annual license for that username/password combination.  A given username/password can be authorized on several computers, but ONLY ONE computer can have access to ZXW at a time. 
  • Dongle---old method of licensing, now discontinued as of July 2019.  If you have a licensed dongle, you must bind the dongle to your username and login to use the remainder of your subscription year.  Instructions to bind your dongle are below.

How to Set Up ZXW--in ENGLISH!

Step one:  If you have already have a licensed dongle, skip this step.  If you are renewing your license or just starting---Buy a ZXW INSTANT ONLINE LICENSE from iPad Rehab Supply.  We will email you LICENSE SERIAL NUMBER and LICENSE CODE that you need for the next steps.

Step two: While you wait, download the latest version of zxw software from ZXW (Windows Only)  IMPORTANT--older versions of zxw around the internet no longer work.  Some default to an endless update loop.

Step three: Unzip, install, and run Zxwsoft3.0.exe (or latest version) from the extracted folder

Step four: You will see ZXW3.0 open and prompt you IN CHINESE to enter your username and password.  You need to make your ACCOUNT first.  Click Need account--the top blue link.  This step is the same if you are binding an existing dongle, or setting up a new subscription.

This is the translation (current June 2019)

Step five:  The link will take you to  zxwtools website new account page.. Click ENGLISH at the top right corner.

Step six: Enter your information. DO NOT click fast register--you will lose your ability to retrieve a forgotten password!
This form asks for several numbers to help if you forget your password.  These are optional.  For example, it will ask for you phone number and "ID number" as in Drivers license or other personal id number.  I recommend skipping that one!  Write down your new username and password before leaving the page.

Step seven: You should see the success message.  Click login and enter your username and password.

Step eight:  You should be here:

Click AUTHORIZATION CODE which will prompt you to enter your LICENSE SERIAL NUMBER and LICENSE CODE that you obtained in Step one.

Note: Ignore the Online Payment Renewal--it requires a Chinese bank account connected to WeChat Pay or Alipay.  In China this is how everyone pays for everything.  To renew, you can purchase a domestic renewal service to jump through the Alipay hoop.  It is not easy for the Western world to use Alipay directly--you will go crazy trying to renew through zxw itself!

Step nine: After entering your license information, your username and login are valid.  You can reboot zxw software and login with your username and password, but there is one more important step!
CONVERT ZXW TO ENGLISH!   Click T at the top of the zxw software menu.

Then click "S" for changing the server.   Here you can change the default language of zxw to English, and change the server to HongKong.

Step ten:  Close and reopen ZXW to finally be able to use ZXW and Microfish (formerly Blackfish) in ENGLISH LANGUAGE!
Pro tip:  Click on a component within zxw and type "K" to open the schematic with that component highlighted in MicroFish

Step eleven: If you are binding an existing dongle, once you've made your zxw account, and converted zxw to English, navigate to the left hand sidebar menu to account settings and click "Bind Encryption Dog"  then follow prompts to link your dongle to your username/password and you will no longer need your dongle.
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