Chain of Custody Service

Did you know iPad Rehab has experience with chain of custody and a secure process in place?

iPad Rehab offers the only in-house chip transfer service for iPhone (and modern Android devices) to provide data acquisition support for data your toughest cases.   We prioritize cases from our law enforcement clients and can offer peace of mind that your evidence is protected by our Chain of Custody service.

We understand the importance of protection and the legal issues involved with data collection. As we actively expand our service in this area based on recent successful collaborations we have developed the following practice to ensure all data recovery jobs coming in from law enforcement are handled with the Chain of Custody Service (CoC).  If there is something we can do to improve our chain of custody service--let us know in the comments!

To mitigate the impact of potential testimony requirements for our law enforcement cases, we will have only one person touch the device the entire time it is in our possession. We first establish chain of custody by appointing a single point of contact (SPOC) to handle the device from start to finish. That person will examine the device and perform the hardware repairs and microsoldering necessary to bring that device to a condition where it will natively boot and accept the native passcode.    If the native passcode is not available, then we will discuss options on a case by case basis.   Your SPOC will ship the device and deliver it to the mail carrier in person.  All our law enforcement cases are automatically subject to our internal Non-Disclosure Agreement regarding sensitive customer data.  If your organization requires a separate NDA, we can sign those documents prior to arrival of your evidence. 

Additionally, we will photo document the device on arrival and at intake.   During intake, all devices have their initial condition recorded and all components of the device are labeled with a unique ID (back housing, screen, paperwork, logic board, screw tray, and any associated articles that people sometimes send with the device.)   Any device coming to iPad Rehab is tracked on a repair ticket from original estimate email, to intake, through the repair, and finally return shipping. 

For CoC service, we store devices when they are not being actively repaired inside their labeled clear plastic tray within a dedicated safe that only houses law enforcement devices.

The CoC device will only be connected to a dedicated offline hardware for extraction of data. 

Rush service is available for CoC devices which require immediate attention. Our SPOC will ensure all timelines and expectations are met.

We have worked with law enforcement agencies to review our process and continue to be involved with the forensics and techno-security community to stay informed of all requirements.  As always, we are your trusted source for data recovery.


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