Take a Look at the 5 and 10, Glistening Once Again....

iPad Rehab is all about repair--bringing new life to old things.   We are packing our microscopes and heading over to a vacant storefront on Main St in our own local village.  We are bursting with new ideas to rejuvenate this historic location into a bona fide "Fixer Space" where we will do retail general repair for all mobile devices,  DIY workshops, mail-in board level repair, local board repair for anything with a circuit board, and all sorts of training courses.

We can't imagine a better fit for us than our new space in the heart of the beautiful historic village of Honeoye Falls, NY.  We will be moving into one of the first buildings ever built in the town-- 4 N. Main St. right on the corner.   This building has an incredible history--it was the home of one of the longest continuously operating drug stores (152 years!).   That local business fell with competition from a chain pharmacy and online shopping.  We are hoping that our Fixer Space concept will once again bring people to the streets of the business district and help rejuvenate our downtown.

We have already held our first session of our signature Practical Board Repair School at the new location this week, and will be beginning to offer retail repair to local walk-in customers in the coming days.  See our Facebook page for details, and give us your ideas!

We are going to kick off our workshop series with a DIY repair night.  We will offer a mentored DIY repair workshop where you will fix your own cracked screen!  Cost--parts plus tutoring fee.  If you are local to Honeoye Falls, stop in and see what we are up to anytime!

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