One day the neighbors watched me, Jessa Jones, smash my toilet with a sledgehammer in the front yard. I liberated my brand new iPhone that my toddler twins had flushed the day before.

It took me two years to fix that phone. Along the way I became a microsolderer and logic board repair expert. My dining room filled with microscopes, power supplies, and soldering stations. I fell in love with applying the analytical reasoning skills from my PhD research days to troubleshooting iPhone logic board problems, while still being able to be a stay at home mom.

An iPhone logic board mail-in repair business grew as did our reputation as the ‘go to’ place for motherboard repair in the global independent repair community. I recruited talented local moms and trained them to do board level microsurgery. iPad Rehab began to outgrow the dining room. We became the motherboard whisperers.
Since 2012, we have repaired over 10,000 iPhone and iPad logic boards. We have rescued hundreds of thousands of precious memories from dead and water damaged mobile devices of all types. Our secret is the thousands of hours spent staring down microscopes developing an enormous experience base for pattern recognition of logic board faults.

Today, our team of seven former stay at home moms (and one stay at home dad) work together to deliver no fix no fee solutions to common iPhone logic board problems, helping consumers save money by extending the lives of their devices.

We Fix Really, Really Tiny Things.
We regularly represent the voice of the independent repair community as an authority in the field, and travel to advocate for the Right to Repair legislations all over the US. Want to add your voice? Visit Repair.org

We have been invited speakers at national repair conferences, and have been featured in the media as independent experts in the field of iPhone troubleshooting and repair. Our radio/tv/print media interviews include National Public Radio, The Washington Post, ABC’s Good Morning America and many others. Our team was featured in a documentary about our work fixing “unfixable” iPhones despite the absence of manufacturer support. The documentary was produced by Vice Media, and we were awarded their ‘Humans of the Year” award for microsoldering and iPhone/iPad logic board repair work.

We teach other independent repair technicians how to diagnose and repair iPhone logic board problems via our in-person Practical Board Repair School training course. Hundreds of students have traveled from across the US and all over the world to attend the course which often has a four-month waiting list.

Image Left: Lobbying for the Fair Repair Act in Albany

- Holly Mead -
Westbury, England
"I was devastated thinking I lost over 2 years of memories after my little girl got my phone wet , after two repair shops said there was no hope of getting my data back . So I researched online and found out data recovery was possible in some cases and kept seeing ipad rehab videos on YouTube . so I took a chance sent my phone off from the uk ,within a few weeks I had the best email I've ever received from Jessa saying she managed to recover all my data and over 20,000 photos ! I can't explain how grateful I am to have all my baby pictures back alls I can say is thank you so much ! I highly recommend ipad rehab to anyone needing data recovery if they can't get your data back no one can."
In 2015, we created a YouTube channel showcasing livestreamed iPhone logic board microsoldering repairs. We make dead phones work again in real-time unedited videos for the purpose of recovering precious data trapped within the phone. The channel has received over 3.2 million views.

Our forte is iPhone data recovery service--we have a soft spot for returning those baby pictures to moms. However, we also offer a wide variety of microsoldering services for just about anything with a circuit board. Click contact us below to tell us about your device and problem today!

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